Coisas bonitas de se ouvirem (ou lerem)

Dear Jose!

Summer is over and memories are in the photo-files of laptops. I want to send greetings to you from Estonia and from Tallinn! (not Tartu…). I thought you might want to get this picture of you. I think the carrot looks extremely good, you’re ok too… And you never know who is wearing your hat these days.

Some memories stay in the heart too! I would say that the road was The Road because of people like you, and the people we met on our way were The People, because there were people like you. Thank you for being a wonderful person for a couple of days near me, near us. I remember looking into your deep eyes (and your comment that you must look into other person’s eyes). You do… I did.

And having the fear that you forgot some of the faces you saw this summer, I also send a picture of me on the 50th km before Santiago. We “lost” you two nights before Santiago, as we chose albergues off the road. One was brand new (and so empty and silent), and the other (before Padron) was a convent, where we went to the church inside the convent, had dinner and breakfast included to the “price”, it was donativo.

I prayed to meet you again as my right foot also hurt very badly, but we did not meet unfortunately. And thank you for doing the miracle with my left foot!

All the best to you, Jose! In case you come to Estonia one day sooner or later (to visit **** maybe?), let me know and also find me – I will show you best of Tallinn.


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